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Ringparken - A timber construction model of sustainability and indoor climate excellence

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Learn about Roskilde Kommune’s construction project of a children's institution in Ringparken, emphasizing sustainability and indoor climate quality, aiming for the prestigious DGNB Heart-certification.

Tector's moisture detection system were integrated into the project to gather data for future timber construction efforts and ensure quality assurance throughout the construction and usage phases.

"The Tector sensors were a natural option for the Ringparken-project, partly to focus on QA, but also to increase our knowledge of how the hidden constructions perform in different situations. The sensor continuously provides actual data that both increases knowledge about microclimate in the construction, but can also potentially be used in the context of several other parameters."
Sabina Holstein
Special Consultant at Roskilde Kommune Ejendomme


Roskilde Kommune embarked on an ambitious venture in Ringparken, Roskilde—a 1,200 m3 children's institution project. This endeavor, distinguished by its sustainability focus, seeks the desired DGNB Heart-certification, emphasizing a healthy indoor climate for future occupants.


Driven by a commitment to innovation, Roskilde Kommune integrated Tector moisture sensors into the construction process. These sensors provided continuous monitoring of moisture levels in timber structures, aiding in quality assurance and ensuring a healthy indoor climate.

Sabina Holstein, Special Consultant at Roskilde Kommune Ejendomme, explains,

"The Tector sensors were a natural option for the Ringparken-project, partly to focus on QA, but also to increase our knowledge of how the hidden constructions perform in different situations."

By integrating Tector moisture management solution, the project team gained invaluable insights into the microclimate within the construction, thus enhancing their ability to create a healthy environment for future occupants.


Nina Wellendorff Marquardsen, Project Manager at MOE A/S, underscores the project's significance, stating,

"It gives us information about unwanted changes in the indoor climate before any damage has actually occurred."

The seamless integration of moisture sensors into the construction process not only expedited quality assurance efforts but also paved the way for more informed decision-making, ultimately contributing to the project's success.

  • Sustainability Focus: The project exemplifies a commitment to sustainability through the adoption of innovative tools like moisture sensors
  • Enhanced Quality Assurance: Continuous monitoring during construction phases allowed for early detection of issues, optimizing construction processes and reducing manual labor
  • DGNB Certification: The integration of Tector sensors facilitated compliance with DGNB criteria, particularly focusing on indoor climate quality and sustainable construction practices
  • Knowledge Sharing: Insights gathered from this project contribute to broader industry knowledge, benefiting future construction endeavors in Roskilde and beyond

In the words of Sabina Holstein, "My intention is that we harvest knowledge and data in this project that can be used directly in the design as well as in the use of our future buildings." This collaborative approach to knowledge sharing underscores the project's broader impact on the construction industry's sustainability efforts.