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Tector expands into the UK to address major building issues amid the RAAC crisis with a nifty moisture detection system

July 9, 2024 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Tector, the innovative leader in moisture detection systems for buildings and constructions, announces that they are opening a UK office to support the growing traction in the UK market. This strategic move underscores Tector's commitment to revolutionising building resilience and safety amidst the UK's pressing construction challenges, including the Raac crisis.

Tector’s state-of-the-art sensors and application have already proven instrumental in safeguarding structures across Europe, mitigating water ingress and preventing costly damages. Now, with the backing of this latest investment round of 2 mil € from Superseed and BD Partners, Tector is ready to bring its transformative technology to the forefront of the UK’s construction landscape.

The UK is facing a serious building integrity crisis, especially with recent challenges like the RAAC crisis impacting schools and hospitals nationwide. Tector, known for its state-of-the-art moisture detection systems, offers AI-powered solutions that proactively identify moisture issues early on, addressing potential construction flaws promptly.

With Awaab's Law progressing through parliament, Tector’s AI-powered solutions can proactively detect moisture issues early, potentially preventing the problems addressed by the law. No tenant should have to endure living with mould, and Tector's technology stands ready to assist social housing landlords in swiftly detecting and addressing these hazards. As Awaab's Law moves forward, Tector is ready to assist in its implementation across London, ensuring timely repairs and prioritising tenant safety and well-being. Commenting on the expansion, Jeppe Rasmussen, Tector’s CEO stated,

"Denmark has a strong expertise in building physics, moisture & mould growth in changing climates. We have refined our technology there with leading moisture experts for 4 years and are now ready to bring it to the UK to ensure no more housing associations, schools or building projects will struggle with moisture damages."
Tector founders, Lasse Regin Nielsen, Jeppe Rasmussen and Thijs Tilburg.

An exemplary case of Tector’s impact is their successful implementation at Oxford’s Jesus College Northgate House. During operations, the building was affected by water ingress from the flat roof and traditional moisture measuring methods proved inadequate. As a part of the remediation work, Tector’s sensors were strategically placed providing real-time data on moisture, temperature, and humidity. This proactive approach enabled the building owner to detect another leak that they initially thought had been fixed, which could have led to structural risks and another round of costly repairs if it had gone undetected. If that leak had gone unnoticed, it could have gotten the same fate as Sky's office that had some of the highest local claims in recent times on a similar construction method.

As Tector expands its presence in the UK, the company aims to set new standards in building resilience and safety by providing stakeholders with actionable data insights. London-based SuperSeed has led a new round of funding for Tector, aligning with the company's long-term strategy to expand across Europe, with a particular focus on the UK market. Given its unique challenges and opportunities, the UK offers significant growth potential for Tector.

This investment will support Tector in establishing local operations, enhancing customer support, and driving targeted marketing initiatives. Trusted by leading UK companies such as ARUP, Galliford Try, and Willmott Dixon, Tector's technology is currently deployed on more than 20 projects in the UK, demonstrating strong market traction. Tector’s potential to save billions in construction defect costs and uphold industry standards is also recognised by Mads Jensen, Managing Partner at SuperSeed,

"The UK construction industry has faced numerous crises stemming from construction defects - most recently the RAAC crisis bedevilling our schools. Tector’s AI powered solution provides early detection of construction issues, so that developers and builders can fix these while still on site. This approach can save the industry billions over the coming year, and we are excited to partner with the Tector founders to make this happen. We look forward to supporting Tector as they continue to drive innovation and enhance building resilience across the globe.”

Woodsense rebrands to Tector, expanding market reach with innovative moisture detection solutions

Copenhagen, Denmark – Woodsense, the Nordic leader in moisture monitoring technology, proudly announces its rebranding to Tector. This strategic move reflects the company's broader market fit and the overwhelming success of its moisture detection technology in the timber construction market, which is now also being rigorously applied to flat roofs with any type of material, enhancing the offerings for comprehensive building protection.

Tector’s state-of-the-art sensors monitor moisture conditions within buildings, detecting water ingress, and issuing alerts when critical levels are detected. This proactive approach is revolutionising how we manage and prevent water damage, a leading cause of building deterioration.

From day 1, the company's mission has been to mitigate moisture damage in buildings, " said Jeppe Rasmussen, CEO of Tector, “Early on, we observed widespread industry frustrations surrounding leaks in flat roofs. When we found a way to solve this massive problem, users quickly started to spread the knowledge of our solution and we realised that we could do more than just support in timber construction - we could help eliminate damages related to water ingress in all areas of the building across any sector"

Tector founders, Lasse Regin Nielsen, Jeppe Rasmussen and Thijs Tilburg.

Why Tector?

"Detect moisture to protect buildings & budgets"

The transition to Tector reflects our dedication to detecting moisture to protect both buildings and budgets. Derived from the words “detector” & “protector”, Tector embodies our mission to deliver clear, actionable solutions that mitigate risks and ensure the longevity of buildings.  From detection to protection, Tector empowers developers to build with confidence and resilience, safeguarding investments and promoting durability.

Expanding market reach

Tector’s moisture detection technology is trusted by many prominent projects, including the new Mary Elizabeth Hospital in Copenhagen, the Olympic Village in Paris, and Marmormolen, a major waterfront office development in Copenhagen. Tector's technology has been crucial in maintaining the structural integrity and safety of these vital infrastructures, proving its effectiveness in high-stakes environments.

“We’re proud to work with respected clients such as global engineering firm Arup and Scandinavian leaders NCC and Rambøll. These partnerships highlight the trust and reliability our solutions bring to significant projects around the world,” comments Jeppe Rasmussen, CEO of Tector.

Woodsense, now Tector, successfully transitioned from a niche provider of timber moisture management to a leading solution for flat roof monitoring, enhancing offerings for comprehensive building protection, driving substantial growth and expanding its presence internationally.

Addressing a critical challenge

In the dynamic landscape of modern construction, developers face the challenge of managing a myriad of factors to ensure project success and profitability. Moisture ingress is a persistent issue, particularly in flat roofs, which are increasingly used to maximise urban space. Such water ingress can lead to significant and often undetected damage, resulting in costly repairs, project delays, and compromised structural integrity.

The financial impact

Water damage is responsible for 74% of building damage costs, often only discovered when the damage is severe. This can lead to financial strain, budget overruns, and delays, particularly detrimental in critical infrastructure projects like hospitals and schools. For developers, this means increased risks and potential losses that directly impact the bottom line.

Enhancing quality and reducing risks

Our innovative technology not only mitigates risks but also enhances quality assurance. Early detection of water ingress enables faster, targeted repairs, maintaining the structural health of buildings and protecting financial investments. This approach supports sustainable and resilient construction practices, essential for modern urban development.

Commitment to trust and reliability

At Tector, we understand the importance of trust and reliability in the construction industry. Our solutions are designed to be clear, actionable, and dependable, ensuring that developers can confidently manage moisture risks and focus on delivering high-quality, on-budget projects.

Looking ahead

As we expand our market reach, Tector remains dedicated to supporting the building industry with the most advanced moisture detection technology available. Our goal is to provide peace of mind through innovative solutions that safeguard both financial investments and the long-term health of buildings.