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Manage moisture with ease thanks to Tector’s intuitive real-time dashboards including local weather insights. Identify issues effortlessly and make informed, data-driven decisions with confidence.

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Your buildings and sensors in one intuitive overview

Easily switch between an overview of all your buildlings and sensors, and more granular data, thanks to intuitive data visualizations, including sensors mapped on your buildings blueprints to easily locate issues.

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Show issues on blueprint or timeline

See exactly where issues arise on a building blueprint for quick and precise fixes. Data visualized on a user-friendly timeline, ensuring clear tracking of issue timing for improved accountability and knowledge.

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Compare to local weather data

Automatic comparison with relevant data, including humidity, outdoor temperatures and mould growth trends for greater understanding to determine between weather conditions and other causes.

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Access your data effortlessly
Whether you prefer in-platform consumption, raw data export, or seamless API integration, we've got you covered.
Plan based on trends in your data.
Whether you prefer in-platform consumption, raw data export, or seamless API integration, we've got you covered.
Collaborate without boundaries.
Invite your stakeholders to access relevant data. Collaborate across teams and countries. Share data with automatic report exports.


Can I monitor mold with Tector platform?

On the Tector platform we have integrated the so-called mold curves derived from a mathematical model from the research in the field. These are among other things used to visualize the environment of a given sensor and to determine the risk of mold growth.

Can the data be integrated into our own systems?

Sure thing you can! We have an open API from which data can be easily pulled into other systems needed.

Do you provide any onboarding to the system?

Yes, we can provide onboarding to our system depending on your needs. At Tector, we tailor our onboarding process to ensure you get the support and training necessary to effectively use our advanced moisture detection technology. Contact us to discuss how we can customize our onboarding to meet your specific requirements.

Can I create reports directly from the platform?

Absolutely, you can export reports in PDF format with a few clicks and use them in your documentation as quality assurance. 

Reports combine data from all your sensors with local weather data so that it can be more easily compared. The reports contain a list of all alarms the sensors have sent, blueprints, as well as all notes and images belonging to the selected sensors, so you have all documentation gathered in one place for forwarding or uploading in another system.

What data are we getting in the dashboard?

The data includes temperature, humidity, moisture, electrical resistance, signal strength parameters and gateway details. You can also download your raw data as csv. or excel file.

What information can I get from the platform?

Our intelligent moisture solution measures the wood moisture content inside the timber as well as the surrounding temperature and air humidity to detect critical moisture conditions. 

In addition to our measurements, we continuously retrieve local weather data from local weather stations on precipitation, humidity, temperature, and wind speed, which is also shown in real time on the platform.

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